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Sugar replacement/low-calorie sweeteners
Our technicians are constantly developing new formulations to solve the challenges presented to the sweetener market. We have developed an advanced range of alternative sweeteners, many of which are all natural and clean label, meeting the demands of both industrial and retail clients who are looking for more than just sugar products.

Soft brown and muscovado-style sugars
Light brown and dark brown sugars particularly popular for bakery industry, or for retail industry for bakery application. Supplied from Southern African origins and further developed on-site in Europe. Available in 25kg paper bags, 50kg polypropylene bags or big bags of 1,000kg

Blended sweeteners
We produce a variety of blended dry sweeteners with ingredients including stevia, fructose, Neotame, erythritol, isomalt, sugar or maltodextrin, as well as with other materials including fibre from polydextrose. These are developed to meet bespoke needs of our partners. We can offer packaged products, including customer-designed labelling or printed packaging in 20 kg to 50 kg paper and polypropylene bags, big bags of 1,000kg, as well as having the option for packaging facilities for 200g to 1000 g foil bags as well as small dosage tablets.

Fondants and sucroline
We produce a range of packaged fondant, primarily for the confectionary and baking industries, as well as a bee feed product. We also offer sucroline, a high Brix invert sugar, similar to products such as trimoline, and used for products such as pastries, ganache, Belgian waffles and ice creams.

Liquid blending services
We offer custom liquid blending services, including the use of customer-originated ingredients for applications such as health supplements, including extensive experience with stevia, high-intensity sweeteners and polyols.

Bee feeds and other animal feed products
We offer an extensive range of beet-sugar based only, as well as other blends of bee feeds, including with higher fructose values and reduced HMF. Organic versions of most of these are also available. We are a licensed animal feed manufacturer and have a dedicated production line for both conventional and organic products. At present we specialise in customer-specific or tailor-made formulations for cattle and equine applications.


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