We produce and distribute a wide array of products.
For more information and specifications, and details on certifications and accreditations for each product, please get in touch.
Please find below a summary of our main products, however for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us

Bagged sugars

  Organic sugar Cane sugars grown through approved organic methods, suitable for retail or industrial application. Sugars sourced from Asia, South America, Caribbean sugar mills and available in variety of qualities including white, extra light and demerara. Available in 25kg paper bags and 1,000kg big bags. Organic Fairtrade sugar Cane sugar grown through approved organic […]

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Liquids and syrups

  Liquid invert sugar / IS A range of white invert sugar to 25 Icumsa or regular invert sugar above 25 Icumsa. We can also supply special low-colour liquid and invert sugars with colours from 2 Icumsa to 10 Icumsa. We can provide from low Brix to Brix 80, and from a 50 per cent […]

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Specialist products and services

  Sugar replacement/low-calorie sweeteners Our technicians are constantly developing new formulations to solve the challenges presented to the sweetener market. We have developed an advanced range of alternative sweeteners, many of which are all natural and clean label, meeting the demands of both industrial and retail clients who are looking for more than just sugar […]

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Bespoke products

  Our experienced team of technicians work with our partners’ technical and commercial departments to deliver bespoke formulations of our current product offerings and new product innovation.   Contact us Click here for more information Telephone: +420 312 583 044 For any enquiries into the products or services offered by Man Ingredients, Please do not hesitate […]

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