Liquids and syrups


Liquid invert sugar / IS
A range of white invert sugar to 25 Icumsa or regular invert sugar above 25 Icumsa. We can also supply special low-colour liquid and invert sugars with colours from 2 Icumsa to 10 Icumsa. We can provide from low Brix to Brix 80, and from a 50 per cent inversion up to a complete inversion of sucrose to its component monosaccharides, glucose and fructose. Most inversions are carried out by acid hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis as per customer request.

Liquid sugar
Products for industrial application made in our facility to produce variety of products depending on your needs, from low dry substance to 69 per cent dry substance.

Organic liquid sugar and organic invert sugar
These are certified organic cane products made to order. Our process is certified for organic production by KEZ of the Czech Republic and the product can be customised for industrial uses.

An ideal blend of invert sugar and fructose-glucose syrups, with no compromise to quality but at a more economical price to standard invert sugars. Special blends can be provided at lower relative sweetness levels to match the production and cost needs of particular applications like jams or baked goods.

Fructose syrups
Bringing to the market a range of fructose-based syrups, including Fruitopure 95, a nearly pure fructose syrup with a colour below 25 Icumsa. We have also developed a lower cost alternative to 95 per cent liquid fructose, with a lower fructose value but the same perceived sweetening characteristics in soft and alcoholic drinks. A certified organic version of this product is also available.

Baking syrups
We offer a full range of baking syrups including traditional golden syrups and treacles, but also blends of dark syrups with and without malt extracts, cane-based products, and specialised sweetening glazes. Some of these are equally applicable for use in applications such as liquorice production.

Specifically developed blends of extract of the stevia leaf, to provide a product lower in energy content, competitive in price, and from an all natural source for all of its components. Our blends of stevia not only help create healthier final consumer products, but are designed on a case-by-case basis with our customer to ensure that there are no off or side flavours, with a resulting perfect sugar substitute. Application for both industrial and retail markets.

Conventional and organic burnt sugar
Our burnt sugar, also known as aromatic caramel, is a sugar-only derived product used primarily as a flavour ingredient in applications including baked goods, dessert toppings, sauces, coffee drinks, confectionery, breakfast cereals and pet foods. Its secondary purpose is as an all-natural colourant. It can also be used as an ingredient option for spirits and alcoholic drinks under the EU definition of ‘burned sugar’. A certified organic version from cane sugar is also available.

Natural brewing syrups
A replacement to the standard European solution for malt and dark beers where sugars are used, to eliminate entirely the use of caramel colour E150c, now considered in some jurisdictions as an unwanted and potentially carcinogenic. This delivers the same dark colour, but no e-numbers at all.

Liquid polydextrose
We have developed a dedicated production line for regular and lower colour/reduced Maillard effect liquid polydextrose available in standard dry substance of 70 per cent and custom dry substances up to 82 per cent, delivered in IBCs or bulk tanker.


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